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D2L and the Library: EJournals

Linking Guidelines for D2L

How to Link to an Article directly from the Publishers Website

You have more than one option to link to a journal article.  Using the 'link' feature in WMS is the easiest. If you want to use a different method,  alternative examples to linking to journal articles are provided on the sections for Ebsco, ProQuest, ClinicalKey etc.

Assuming that you have already determined that a journal is licensed by the library, and if you would like to link directly to a publishers website, then:

Step 1: Identify the URL.


Step 2: Precede the URL for a specific document with this URL:

When off-campus, this URL firsts directs users to prove their DMU credentials with EZproxy before they are permitted access to licensed content.

In the example above, the final URL would then look like this:

If you find this general rule for creating URL's does not work, then please call the library. We would be happy to verify the correct URL structure to the document you wish to link to within your course.

Looking for the Easy Button?

Another option is to copy the library URL embedded in our DMU Library icon in PubMed. Follow the directions on the guide for linking from PubMed to see how fast and easy it is to create your own persistent URL's to journal articles you locate in PubMed. The link will go straight to the article.