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D2L and the Library

Linking Guidelines for D2L

Introduction to Linking

Digital library resources are available on and off-campus 24/7.  However, it is essential to know how to create a stable/persistent/permanent URL that enables licensed material to be accessible both on and off-campus.

Each database or resource may have different guidelines on how to best link to a document. As a general principle though, it is important to know that when linking to library content, you need to precede the URL to for a specific document or website with this URL:

This URL first directs users to EZproxy.  EZproxy allows the library to permit access to licensed resources for the DMU community while preventing access to these same resources to the broader world.  The URL's to library digital resources are therefore unique.  EZproxy recognizes whether or not you are on the DMU campus. If you are on campus then you go straight to the resource. If you are off-campus EZproxy will know you are not on the DMU network and request your DMU credentials before you will be enabled to move on to the resource.

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