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Find it! How to find resources at the library

How to find all the library things

Problems Logging in?

The authentication/login for library resources is slightly different from the login you use when accessing D2L, etc.  Enter the text prior to the @ sign for your email, as in the example below. Your password is the same. 

library login screen

Access to Digital Content On & Off Campus

When on campus, the DMU network automatically authenticates you with our information providers. We encourage you to use the links on the library page or our LibGuides as these URLs are customized for DMU access, but we acknowledge this is not always a requirement to access resources when on campus.

When off campus, you must use the URLs provided by the library,  All DMU library resources have a unique URL. You will not be able to google your way into these resources when off campus. Even PubMed has a unique URL

You do not need to create a personal account with a publisher/vendor in order to access library resources either on or off campus. 

Some publishers will ask you to register for an account in order to access certain features, like mobile apps or downloading pdf content. But as a general rule, all resources are accessible on and off campus from a web browser - no registration required. If you opt to register for an account, please do not use the same password that you use to log into D2L. You may use your DMU email as a username, but not the same -password to your DMU accounts.

Tech Tip of the Day: Having trouble accessing library resources? First try to delete the cookies from your browser. Then close/re-open the browser and access the resource again. After trying this nifty trick to clear out corrupted files lurking in your browser, if you are still asked to log into a site, pay for content, encounter error screens, or run into any other barriers, please let us know.  Often, we don't know there is a problem unless you tell us. 

Phone: (515) 271-1537