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Linking to Articles from PubMed

If you access PubMed from the library's customized URL you will see a purple DMU Library icon. If you right-mouse-click on the DMU Library icon, you can copy the URL for the item you need.


For example, for the PubMed record below, the URL is:

The first part of the URL ( passes through OpenAthens, which will prompt off-campus users to verify their DMU credentials. The second part of the URL ( goes to our Link Resolver, a nifty software that determines whether or not the library has a subscription to the journal. If we do, then you can download a pdf. If the library does not have a subscription, then you will be directed to order the article with our interlibrary loan services, provided you have set up your account in our ILLiad system.


DMU Library link to PubMed

The Library has a customized URL to PubMed. This access point enables a DMU Library icon to appear on the abstract view of every citation. You are accessing this custom URL from the library's pulse site as well as on our libguides site.

We recommend that you save this URL to your favorites or bookmarks for easier access to full text, and the ability to order needed materials through our interlibrary loan service.

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