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Circulation Policies: Copy Center/Student Printers

Who Can Borrow What and For How Long

Library Copy Center

The Library copy center  is equipped with two student printers (with printing, copying, and scanning capabilities), a scanner, and various supplies, including a paper cutter, paper hole punch, scissors, and a stapler.

Please notify the staff at the circulation desk if you have questions about or problems with any of the equipment in the copy center.

The copy center also has a display rack of free materials. Please feel free to take any of the items that catch your fancy!

Student Printers

Student printers can be found in the following locations:

Black and white:

  • Library copy center
  • SEC student lounge (1st floor)
  • IT Help Desk
  • Academic Center lounge (lower level).


  • The only color printer is located by the IT Help Desk.

Information about student printers, including instructions for adding the student printers to your computer, can be found here:

Phone: 515-271-1537