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Circulation Policies: Copy Center/Printers

Who Can Borrow What and For How Long

Printing on campus

Student printers can be found throughout the campus buildings. On the new campus, you are able to send a print job and pick it up at any printer location. All printers can be used by both students and staff.


Black and White costs 5 cents/page. It is the default.

Color costs 50 cents/page.


The Solutions Hub knowledge base page has more information on how to connect to the printers and where they are located.

Information about printers, including instructions for adding the printers to your computer can be found here:

Library Copy Center

The Library copy center is equipped with a printer (with printing, copying, and scanning capabilities), a scanner, and various supplies, including a paper cutter, paper hole punch, scissors, and a stapler.

Please notify the staff in the library collection room if you have questions about or problems with any of the equipment in the copy center.

The copy center also has a display of free materials. Please feel free to take any of the items that catch your fancy!

Phone: 515-271-1537