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D2L and the Library: Home

Linking Guidelines for D2L

A Note on Library Resources

As an institution of higher learning and as part of the worldwide community of scholars, Des Moines University is committed to respecting intellectual property rights, appropriately using copyrighted materials, and complying with current copyright law.  Current recommendations by the Library are to provide secure links to licensed content rather than uploading pdf's or other file sharing options.

Important Tip for Faculty: All recommended and required textbooks submitted on textbook adoption forms are purchased or licensed by the library. When instructing students on how to find resources for your class, please remember that all books and ebooks are listed in the library discovery system.  Please ask students to consult the library for course-related materials. 

This is more direct and less confusing than telling students to go to a specific publishing platform like AccessMedicine. This will help students locate all ebooks that might benefit their studies and prevent them from thinking that the only ebooks we license are in AccessMedicine etc.  Or more problematic, suggesting that the library is somehow separate from these resources. We want to reinforce the idea the scholarly resources are connected to the library.

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