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How to Link to Content You Find in Scopus

Unfortunately, you will not be able to right-mouse-click on the Find it! @ DMU Library text to copy the URL. This trick works in PubMed but does not seem to be working in Scopus. The right-mouse-click URl will work to land you back to the main search page of Scopus, and not even back to the record within Scopus. Instead try these two steps.

Step 1: Click on Find it@ DMU Library to determine if the library has a subscription to the journal. If you land on the interlibrary loan page next, then you will need to order the article from ILL for your class.  If you land at a journal website, you know the library has access to the journal article. And now you know what the URL to the journal article is at the publishers website.


Step 2: Note where you have landed.  Where did the Find it! link take you? Are you on a publisher website? Did you land within another database provider like Ebsco or ProQuest? Follow the directions on the D2L Linking guide to determine how to link to the journal content in whatever platform the full text of the article resides.

Need help? Contact the library. We would be happy to help!

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