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Information Literacy Program: Curricular Partnerships

DMU Library's information literacy program supports all academic programs through direct student and faculty contact in the curriculum and through co-curricular programming and resources.


Information Literacy Program

Curricular Partnerships

Library faculty work closely with teaching faculty to integrate information literacy in support of evidence-based practice or other curricular research outcomes. Each librarian-faculty collaboration is specific to student learning and faculty teaching needs. Examples include: 

  • Course-specific librarian-led lectures, activities, and assignments 

  • Program- or course-specific videos and tutorials integrated into D2L 

  • Program-level materials for orientations, capstone experiences, etc. 

  • Individualized student consultations in support of coursework and thesis or research projects 

  • Librarian formative feedback on student research assignments 

Librarians are available to consult on program, course, assignment, activity, and assessment design.  


Questions? Interested in Collaborating?  

Please contact Elizabeth DeYoung, Librarian & Assistant Professor, if you would like more information or are interested in collaborating on a curricular or co-curricular initiative.

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