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D2L and the Library

Linking Guidelines for D2L

The Library Catalog - Home of the ebook

You have two choices when linking to print or ebooks within your course site.

Option 1: Use the persistent link within the library catalog. In the example below, you can see the persistent URL at the bottom of the catalog record. 

ebook record in the library catalog

When linking to an ebook, the advantage of this option is that the URL in the library catalog will not change. Publishers make changes all the time to the location of their content. Hopefully, the library will know about these changes in advance and update our records accordingly. The disadvantage to this method is that only 5 simultaneous users can access the catalog at the same time. If an entire class tried to access en ebook at the same time students might have to wait for a seat to open up in the catalog and access their ebook.

When linking to a record for a print book, you can choose whether you want to provide a persistent link to the library catalog record. Or  you can list the call number and location in D2L. If you you choose the latter, please consider adding a note instructing students to search the library catalog to look up class materials.

Option 2: Link directly to the ebook.

In the example above, if you right-mouse-click on the “AMA Manual of Style” link within the catalog record you can copy the customized library URL. This would be the most direct way to access the book. In this example the URL for the AMA Manual of Style is:

The first part of the URL ( directs users to EZproxy which enables off-campus access to licensed content. When on campus, you should go straight to the resource. When off-campus you will be prompted to submit your DMU credentials.

A note for faculty: If you choose to directly link to the ebook and bypass the library catalog record, please refer students to the library catalog as the source of all DMU ebooks. This guide will help students avoid getting "silo-ed" -  thinking that all ebooks are in AccessMedicine - and will remind students to check the library for additional course-related content.

Helpful tip: In the record above, please observe the Access note field. Some of our resources, like the AMA Manual, have unlimited access. Some ebooks are limited to a single user, or 5 simultaneous users etc.

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