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Endnote (Basic): Get Started!

The free, online version of EndNote is perfect for most of your basic citation needs

Step 1: Create Your Account

When registering for your personal account: 

  • You may use any email address that you wish for your username.
  • Do not use your DMU password (for security reasons - it's not a good idea to give out the password you use to log into D2L)
  • Do not use Facebook or LinkedIn to create your account. This will create problems. 

Step 2: Install Plug-Ins

There are two plug-ins you should install to make your citation gathering, writing, and citing references a lot more efficient. These two utilities will enable you to capture references with ease and then incorporate the citations into your Word document.

1. Cite While You Write. 

  • Important: . CWYW is only compatible with computers with Microsoft Word installed.   

  • Cite While You Write embeds in MS Word  - you must have Word, Outlook, and other Microsoft applications closed before you install this tool.

cite while you write

2. Capture References

  • You can install Capture in Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. But not Microsoft Edge. Edge and Explorer may fool you since they both have the "E" Symbol.  

    Microsoft Edge

    Follow the directions provided here at the "Install EndNote Capture" link:

Need help getting your bookmark bar to display so you can drag & drop the Capture Reference add-on? Follow the directions for your browser of choice:

Next Steps

Now that you have created an account, and downloaded two plug-ins to help with your productivity, the next step is to gather your citations. To learn more about adding citations to your EndNote library, see the "Add Citations" section of this guide.

Write While You Cite Not displaying in MS Word (MAC)

Depending on your operating system, the EndNote ribbon may be initially hidden from view from your Toolbars. You can find it by selecting the View menu option, then Toolbars, and EndNote.

view, toolbars, EndNote

Write While You Cite Not Displaying in MS Word (PC)

The number one tech support question we get is the issue of EndNote not showing up in the toolbar ribbon of Word.  Often, the root cause of this is that MS Word was open when you attempted the first install of the plugin in. 

Step 1: As a first step to troubleshoot, make sure MS Word is closed. Then try to re-install the .exe file. When prompted with a screen to Modify, Repair, or Remove the application, select Modify.

Modify the EndNote installation


Step 2:  Check to see if the Plugins are clear or have a Red X. If there is a Red X next to the plugin, open the drop down menu and select "Entire feature will be installed on a local hard drive."

Make sure the features are not X out

 Step 3: Follow the remaining instructions to complete the installation. Then open Word to see if the EndNote menu option is available.

EndNote menu in Word

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