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Find it! How to find resources at the library: EBSCO ebooks

How to find all the library things

EBSCO Ebooks

  • Ebsco ebooks are mostly only available for online viewing.  
    • The Download button only works when an ebook is available for download, even though you may see the icon on a record.
  • When available for download, only one person at a time may read the ebook online
  • To learn more how to check out and downloading EBSCO eBooks please see the directions provided by Ebsco.

In order to read content offline, you may save up to 60 pages as a pdf at one time from the ebook per browser session.  If you delete all the cookies and close down your browser you can re-open your browser and try to download another 60 pages. Or you may want to try using Firefox, IE, and Chrome in combination to establish separate browser sessions if you need to download more than 60 pages at a time to complete your course assignment.

Ebsco ebooks