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Public Health & the DMU Library

The resources on this libguide will assist faculty and students with identifying information resources available from the DMU Library and beyond. Need help? Please contact Library staff. We can provide personal or group instructional sessions to help you identify and efficiently use information resources in support of your research and education.

Key Organizations

Public Health 101 (Free Online Training)

The Public Health 101 Series provides foundational teaching tools and learning products covering critical sciences essential to public health practice. The fundamental scientific components are wide and varied, spanning topics from the fields of epidemiology, health economics, data management, and laboratory science, to public health policy.

These learning products are designed for

  • Public health professionals
  • Persons new to public health
  • Public health educators, instructors, or leads in specific fields
  • Those interested in pursuing  public health careers

Whether you are a seasoned professional with decades of experience looking for PowerPoint presentations to use to teach others the basics or someone new to the field searching for e-learning products to introduce you to public health sciences, the Public Health 101 Series can meet your needs.