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Healthcare Administration

Resources for MHA Students

Find Primary Information Resources (Original Research)

Journal articles are usually highly specific - that is, an article represents a very narrow focus of research, such as the "Costs Of Depression from Claims Data for Medicare Recipients in a Population-Based Sample."   If you don't know a lot about your topic, or if you need a broader overview, you may want to start with a resource that summarizes or synthesizes available research (secondary information resources).

To locate original research (primary literature) key library databases, please try one of the databases listed below.  Please note that the library has many other journal article databases that the short list below. Please contact the library if you need assistance locating the appropriate database for your research needs. 

Important: When using the Ebsohost or ProQuest databases, remember to limit your searches to "peer reviewed".  PubMed journals are almost exclusively peer reviewed so you don't need to worry about your results in this database.

Find Journals

When you have a journal you want to browse, try one of these options. All of the librarys ejournal collections are here!  If you are conducting a literature review, or you are looking for articles on a topic, then you want to search a journal citation database like Pubmed. Se the "Journals & Ejournals" tab on this guide to learn more.

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