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Mobile Site - Coming Soon! Try PubMed Labs

Good News! PubMed is rolling out with a new mobile friendly interface sometime in January 2020.  This new mobile friendly site will also allow you to have access to DMU library journals, when you use the library's special URL.  To test out the new system, go to the production/beta site called PubMed Labs using the library's custom URL below.

pubmed labs

Acces PubMed Anywhere

PubMed Mobile provides a simplified mobile friendly web interface to access PubMed. PubMed Mobile is also useful for users who require special adaptive equipment to access the web. While PubMed mobile is convenient, for comprehensive searches we recommend you use the web interface.

You may also wish to try PubMed for Handhelds, an app which provides a few more "advanced" options. 

The downside to using the mobile site or app? You will not be able to link to DMU library ejournals.  Article access  will be restricted to only articles which are freely available online.

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