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Databank of test questions so you can prepare for the Boards

How to Create a Custom Exam

First you need to register for a personal account. After registering, you will be able to create your exams.

From the left menu, select "Create Exams." You can choose to create your own customized exam, or take one of the practice exams that should simulate the USMLE or PANCE board experience.

exam master create exams

ExamMaster lets you custom create exams from any outline level. Normally, exams are created with 50 questions in a block and these questions are not duplicated in various exams you create. The exception is if there are less than 50 questions available within the selected outline heading or due to your having previously used the questions. Click on the arrows to view more specific subject areas available under a broad category. You can choose how many questions per test you would like, test yourself on new or previously incorrect answers, or base a test on a key word search of your choice. Finally, you can name your test.

You can create as many exam scenarios as you want - there are no limits on the number of exams you can create for yourself.

exam master select topics for exam


After you create your custom exam, you will have choices regarding your preferred mode of testing or review.

exam master choose test type

Test Mode

  • Each exam you create may be taken 3 times beginning with Test 1 of 3.
  • The default time per question in an exam is 1 minute per question, but you can change the setting before an exam is created – the range is from 1-2 minutes.  To change this default setting, select Settings, then Edit Profile.
  • To move forward or backward through questions use the [Next>] or [<Prev] button.

Study Mode

  • Allows access to a Study session (3.6 minutes per question). Explanations are available, you can make and save Notes on questions, hide answers you don’t want to consider, and review questions answered wrong.
  • There are “Flashcards” available to you from the [Review/Options] Menu. You may change how the Flashcards are presented to you by selecting “Term” or “Description” at the top of the card and then advancing to the next screen.

In either Test Mode or Study Mode

  • The Pause feature allows you to exit from an exam you created, so that you can return at a later time to complete the exam. Exiting stops the timer so that you can return to the place you left off with the remaining time still available for your session.
  • Normal Labs values are available to you during an exam by clicking on the calculator button. Normal labs can be printed for easy reference.
  • Mark questions to go back to prior to scoring your exam (e.g., for review).
  • After you submit your exam, by selecting [Review/Options] you may review All Questions, Marked Questions, or Unanswered Questions, or any individual question, by clicking on the question #.

Learning Mode

  • View correct answer choice and question explanation immediately and learn the question content without generating a score report.
  • This mode will not allow you to keep statistics on your progress. This mode is for review and study purposes only.



You can access your exams anytime using the "My Exams" button.

access test scores


Get data on how your testing - see the "My Stats" stats