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AccessMedicine: Creating Persistent Links

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Knowing how to create a stable/persistent/permanent URL is critical when you are linking content in a course management system like D2L/Brightspace.

If you want to link to an ebook from this platform, it's easy to use our Discovery System to generate a persistent link.

Creating a persistent URL to a document or multimedia item in AccessMedicine or AccessSurgery is easy as long as you plan ahead. Are you working on or off campus when creating your persistent links?

When working on campus, the URL you capture within the database should look like the one below.

In order for the URL to work both on and off campus, you will need to add this URL string before the URL for the ebook you see above. For example

If you are building URL's while off campus, you may note that the URL is slightly different from the above example. Below note the part of the URL in green. The URL appears this way when working off campus.

While this URL appears in a slightly different format that the first example, the URL in the second screenshot ( will work both on and off campus. * As long as is embedded within the address, the URL should work from both on and off campus.

If this seems to complicated to remember, another option to link to the ebook content is to use the persistent URL in library catalog. See the ebooks tab on this guide to learn more about this option.

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