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AccessMedicine: How to Cite

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Download Citations to Citation Software

When you need to reference a textbook chapter, click on the Get Citation option on the menu.


A pop up window will present a formatted citation you copy and and paste.  If you use EndNote, or another bibliographic management software, click on the software you are using to download an RIS file. You can import this file into Endnote.

download citation file

How to Cite Content in AccessMedicine

A variety of content is available from this platform.  But in most cases, the content is usually derived from a book.  You would therefore follow the style conventions for a book or book chapter.

For example, under the Quick Reference Tab, if you choose Diagnostic Tests,

Diagnostic Tests menu option

You will see the ebook , Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, 6e.

example book


Another example of an ebook are the Case Files. If you read the copyright statement for each case, this material is classified as a digital book. Each case is therefore like a chapter in a book.

example case files

When the content is not derived from ebook, you probably will cite as a website, image, or video.  Questions? Please contact the library.

How to Cite Diagnosaurus

DiagnosaurusAccessMedicine provides specific instructions on how to cite this resource:

How to Cite this Resource

Zeiger Roni F, McGraw-Hill's Diagnosaurus 4.0:

However, the library recommendation is to cite a section of Diagnosaurus like a chapter in an a book. For example, in AMA style:

Abdominal pain, left upper quadrant. In F. Zeiger Roni (Ed). Diagnosaurus. McGraw Hill Medical; 2014: Accessed May 1, 2015.