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Audiobooks: Axis 360 eaudiobook App

Connect to the Axis360 Mobile App

getting started with Axis360 app


Download the Axis 360 App from the Apple App Store, Amazon, or Google Play Store. Or you can open your library's Axis 360 URL in a web browser.

1. Open the Axis 360 App.

2. Tap the name of the library or school. Des Moines University

3. Select your library name.

4. Enter your Library ID and PIN/password and select LOGIN. This will be your DMU UPN and password.

5. You can now search for and checkout items from your library's collection!


If you have any questions, please contact us at

Types of Devices

Listen through a web browser on your desktop

You can listen to audiobooks within your web browser by using Listen Now. Please note that you cannot save Listen Now books to your hard drive for offline listening. If you want to listen to your audiobooks offline, you'll need to download the Axis 360 mobile app and download the title to your mobile device.

First, find the audiobook you want to check out. Titles in audiobook format will display with a set of headphones in the upper left corner of the page.

Click on the Checkout button. 

Once the checkout is complete, you can click on Listen Now to listen to your audiobook in a new tab. Please note that you must have pop-ups enabled in order for the Listen Now title to open in a new tab. If you'd rather listen to your audiobook later, you can find it within My Stuff.

Navigation controls are located below the jacket image. Hover your mouse over the top of the page to access Table of Contents, adjust Playback Speed, create bookmarks, and set a set a sleep timer.

What devices can I use? 

  • All iOS devices running iOS 13 or later (click here to download the app)  
  • All Android devices running Android 5 or later (click here to download the app)  
  • Kindle Fire devices. To view which Kindle Fire devices are supported, click here
  • For Windows PCs and Macs, you can use our Read Now browser-based reader, as well as our Listen Now browser-based audiobook player.

Listening to eaudiobooks on Axis 360

Web Browser Listening Navigation Controls
Playback controls are located below the book jacket image. Click on one of the below options to navigate within your audiobook:

listen now in browser controls


1 – Go back one chapter.
2 – Go back 30 seconds.
3 – Play/pause the eAudiobook player.
4 – Go forward 30 seconds
5 – Go forward one chapter.
6 – Use the slider below the playback controls to easily move forward or backward throughout the current chapter of your audiobook.



eAudiobook Controls for Android and Kindle Fire

audiobook control features for Andoid and Kindle Fire

1. Create a Bookmark - Tap the bookmark icon to save your place in the audiobook. Tap the icon referenced below in #7 to view your bookmarks.

2. Advance Forward - If you want to browse forward or backward, drag your finger along the slider.

3. Audio Controls - Use these controls to go backward one chapter, go backward 30 seconds, play/pause, go forward 30 seconds, go forward one chapter.

4. Volume - Use the slider to increase or decrease the audiobook player's volume.

5. Audio Speed - Tap the audio speed to increase or slow down the playback speed in your audiobook. Please note that this option may not be present on older versions of Android.

6. Sleep Timer - Tap the sleep timer to assign a time for the audiobook to automatically stop playing. For example, you can set your audiobook to stop playing after the next chapter, or after 15 minutes.

7. Access Bookmarks and Chapters - Tap the menu to bring up a list of chapters and bookmarks you have created.


Navigation Controls for eaudiobooks on iOS

Control Features for iOS

1. Bookmarks - Tap the icon to create a bookmark, saving a place in the eAudiobook that you may wish to come back to later.

2. Slider - Tap the circle icon to quickly go forward or backward throughout your eAudiobook.

3. Navigation Buttons - Tap to go back a chapter, back 30 seconds, play/pause, go forward 30 seconds, or go forward a chapter. 

4. Volume Control - Use the slider to increase or decrease your volume.

5. Speed - Tap to increase or decrease playback speed. Options are 0.75x, 1x, 1.25x. 2x, 2.5x, and 3x.

6. Sleep Timer - Set a predetermined time for the eAudiobook player to stop playing, such as in 15 minutes, at the end of the chapter, etc.

7. Access Bookmarks and Chapters - Access the Table of Contents and any bookmarks you may have saved. 


Access Table of Contents

Access your audiobook’s Table of Contents (TOC) by hovering over the upper left side of your browser and then clicking the Menu icon. The menu will expand. If your audiobook contains linkable chapter stops for your TOC, it will display here. You can scroll up and down the TOC to find the portion of the audiobook you’re interested in. Click on the chapter name to go directly to that place in your audiobook.

access table of contents

Create Bookmarks

To create a bookmark or view bookmarks you’ve already saved, click on the bookmark icon (1) in the upper right corner of your screen. The Add Bookmark panel will display. Click the plus icon (2) to add your bookmark. Go directly to a previously saved bookmark by clicking on the bookmark link (3). You can delete an existing bookmark by clicking on the trash can icon (4).


add bookmarks

Adjust Playback Speed

You can control the playback speed of your eAudiobook player by clicking on the stopwatch icon (1), located in the upper right corner of your screen. Use the slider (2) to slow down the playback to 0.5 times, or to increase it by two or three times. To return the audio speed back to the default level, select 1x.


playback speed

Set a Sleep Timer

You can set a sleep timer to ensure that your audiobook automatically stops playing at a pre-determined time. Click the moon icon (1) to bring up the sleep timer. Use the slider (2) to select when you want your audiobook to automatically stop playing in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, or at the end of the current chapter. Slide the timer back to Off to turn it off entirely.


sleep timer

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