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What is PubMed?

Search Note: While Medline and Pubmed are often used as interchangeable terms, they are technically not the same thing. Medline is the largest component (approximately 90%) of PubMed. More specifically, Medline is the portion of PubMed that has been indexed with MeSH. You can search Medline on other platforms, but generally, we recommend using the PubMed interface.

Alternate options for searching Medline:

  • Medline on Ebsco. You should find more recent articles if you use the PubMed interface over Ebsco, but you can search the same data on this interface. This could be convenient if you also want to search another database, like Business Source Complete, at the same time.
  • Scopus also includes the Medline file.  This resource also includes citations from  Embase so the shortcomings of using Scopus to access Medline are definitely less than using the Ebsco interface.
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