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Learn about New PubMed

You can access the PubMed user Guide from the new PubMed website, or watch a video produced by your friendly DMU librarians to help you get started in the new interface.

  • Part 1: Find the filters and limits you're familiar with from the legacy interface. (time: 5:39)

Learn about Legacy PubMed

The most comprehensive set of tutorials for PubMed are straight from the source -  The National Library of Medicine. NLM has created both print documentation as well as brief online tutorials. What to search like a pro? Study these tutorials to enhance your skills.

PubMed Tip of the Day - Translating Journal Abbreviations

Not sure if you are correctly typing out an abbreviated journal in PubMed? Hover your mouse over the name of the journal to view a the full title. 

View Pubmed journal abbreviations

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