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PubMed: Search Filters

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Complicated Topics? Try a Search Filter!

Some search topics are so broad or complicated, it can be hard to come up with a search strategy on your own. So use one of the pre-defined filters created by expert searchers. A full list is available from the National Library of Medicine on their Directory of Topic-Specific PubMed Queries page. Select  pre-formulated search strategies below from the NLM and other sources.

 PubMed® Special Queries

Clinicians and Health Services Researchers Queries


Electronic Health Records

A PubMed Electronic Health Records search. View search strategy. See also Electronic Health Records Information Resources.

Health Services Research (HSR) Queries

A search interface to find PubMed citations relating to health care quality or to health care costs, e.g.: Appropriateness; Process assessment; Outcomes assessment; Costs; Economics; Qualitative research; and Quality improvement.

Healthy People 2020

An interface providing searches - Structured Evidence Queries (SEQs) - to retrieve citations to published literature related to Healthy People 2020 topic areas and objectives.




Limits search to the PubMed AIDS subset. View search strategy.


A PubMed Bioethics subset search. View search strategy. See also Bioethics Information Resources.


Limits search to the PubMed Cancer subset.  View search strategy.

Complementary Medicine

Limits search to the PubMed Complementary Medicine subset. View search strategy.

Dietary Supplements

Limits search to the PubMed Dietary Supplements subset. View search strategy.

Health Disparities

A PubMed Health Disparities search. View search strategy. See also Health Disparities Information Resources.

Health Literacy

A PubMed Health Literacy search. View search strategy. See also links to other Health Literacy Information Resources.

History of Medicine

Limits search to the PubMed History of Medicine subset. View search strategy.

Population Health

A PubMed Population Health search. View search strategy.

Research Reporting Guidelines and Initiatives

A PubMed Research Reporting Guidelines search. View search strategy. See also links to organizations responsible for developing the guidelines and more information.

Space Life Sciences

A PubMed Space Life Sciences search. View search strategy.

Additional Search Queries / Interfaces



Provides a PubMed interface to search animal alternatives for biomedical research and testing

National Institutes of Health Funding Support

Provides a search in PubMed for citations designated as funded by NIH Institutes

Retracted Publication

Provides a search in PubMed for all citations designated as a retracted publication.

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