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UpToDate: ECG Tests and Tutorials

Evidence Based Information at the Point of Care


"UpToDate® includes electrocardiograms that can be accessed from some topics that discuss specific diseases or arrhythmia. You can test your knowledge by running a self-test, as follows:

  1. Search ECG test
  2. From the list of results, choose one of the ECG test topics (for example, "Intermediate ECG test") by clicking on the title.

    choose ECG test option
  3. Select a case from the Topic Outline. Once at the case, click on the Waveform  to display the ECG strips

    sample case

  4. Try to make an accurate diagnosis based on the strip, then close the window.
  5. To see if your diagnosis is correct, find the Graphics section on the left side menu. You can access the case answer keys here.

    see answer key under the Graphics section

The text on this page was originally copied word for word from the UptoDate support site. This document has since been modified and is no longer on the publisher site, but the directions are still accurate as of 8/9/18.