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UpToDate: How to Cite

Evidence Based Information at the Point of Care

Recommendation by UptoDate

UptoDate recommends that you cite the UpToDate topic as a chapter in a book titled UpToDate. There are no page numbers to cite, and the publication year for any topic should be the current year.

Marion DW. Pacing the diaphragm: Patient selection, evaluation, implantation, and complications. In: UpToDate, Post TW (Ed), UpToDate, Waltham, MA. (Accessed on January 04, 2018.)

The example above is provided by:

Recommendation by the DMU library

However, the corporate recommendation does not necessarily follow the citation style guidelines that you may need for your class assignments or for publication.  We recommend you cite Uptodate as a chapter in an ebook, modified to the appropriate style guidelines.

APA  10th edition example:

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year of publication). Title of chapter. In A. A. Editor & B. B. Editor (Eds.), Title of book. Available from: http:///

Using the below UptoDate topic below as an example, here is the recommended APA citation format you would follow when you need tocite three to seven authors:

Borody, T.J., Leis, S., Pang, G., & Wettstein, A.R. (2013). Fecal microbiota transplantation in the treatment of recurrent Clostridium difficile infection. In T.W. Post, P. Rutgeerts, & S. Grover (Eds.), UptoDate. Available from

Uptodate Topic

Finally, in regards to the recommended editor, while UptoDate lists a specific individual on their website that they would like to credit, this individual is not necessarily listed as an editor on the UptoDate topic pages. In deference to the company, we recommend listing this individual as one of the editors in your citation. But we believe that authorship and editorship should be attributed to all names on an UptoDate topic. Our example citation reflects this guideline.

For more information, the rules for citing editors are listed in Section 6.27 Author and Editor Information of the APA's Publication Manual, 6th Edition.

Note: The Purdue OWL site also states that in the case of electronic books, "If the work is not directly available online or must be purchased, use "Available from," rather than "Retrieved from", and point readers to where they can find it. For books available in print form and electronic form, include the publish date in parentheses after the author's name." Since UptoDate is a licensed resource, not available to the general public, the library example reflects this recommendation.