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3D models of human anatomy.

Quizzes and Activities (Option 1)

Test your knowledge of anatomy with the Quizzes and Activities module of Anatomy.TV.  For further information see the Help File for 3D Human Anatomy Quiz.



Quiz Features:

Number of questions
You can choose how many questions are to be featured in your quiz. The minimum number of questions is five.

Question type
There are two types of quiz questions: 'Where is' and 'What is'.

Question difficulty
You will also have the choice to take easy or hard questions. Easy questions will test you on the basic functional anatomy of the chosen area, such as major muscles, ligaments and neurovascular supply. Difficult questions will test you on less obvious anatomical structures, such as divisions of musculature and detailed neurovascular supply.

Choosing views
You can also choose which 3D view to be tested on. You have the option to set the quiz on all or a subset of views.

During the quiz, you may want to consolidate your knowledge of a particular area of anatomy. This is facilitated by clicking on the Review button, which will open up the relevant product title in a new tab or window.

Top Secret Hidden Quizzes (Option 2)

Quizzing functions are also available in other modules of AnatomyTV but you have to know where to look.  Explore the other sections like "Other Products" or "Functional Anatomy" to access quiz functions in specific anatomical regions or specialities.

quizzes embedded in other modules

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