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3D models of human anatomy.

AnatomyTV - No Linking Options

url menu option will not work

Unfortunately the direct linking feature of Anatomy.TV will not permit the creation of a persistent URL.  Anatomy.TV is created by a company called Primal Pictures. The library's access is not directly through Primal however, but through a vendor (Stat!Ref) who is authorized to license this resource.  If you copy and paste the URL from the Primal Pictures site directly, this URL is technically correct for citation purposes. But this URL is not practically helpful if you are using the citation to get back into Anatomy.TV from within a power point slide, and the link will not work for off campus access. 

However, this is not a problem for your D2L course. You are permitted to download/save any images you find in Anatomy.TV for your class.

Des Moines University Library