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How to Install UptoDate on a Mobile Device

If your mobile device/browser supports HTML, cookies, and JavaScript, you can use the library's links to UptoDate from the web browser on your mobile device. No app is required.In fact, the mobile friendly site looks identical to the app. You will still need a WiFi connection to use the app. The content does not download to your device. 

If you are OK with re-authenticating your access every 90 days in order to use the app, please follow the following directions. You may install the app on two different devices.

Step 1: Access UptoDate from the Library.


Step 2: Register for a personal account with your DMU email address.   Please do not use your DMU credentials (active directory login). This account is not associated with DMU. This is a personal account with the publisher. 

register with uptodate



Step 3: Download the UptoDate app

App Store UpToDate for AndroidUpToDate for Kindle


Step 4: Log into the app using the credentials you choose when setting up your personal account.  

uptodate mobile screen

Congratulations, you're done!

Did You Get an Email About Your Account Lapsing? Don't Panic!

UptoDate may occasionally send you an email requesting that you verify your DMU affiliation. Or, as an app user you may see a message in the app as well.

renew your access

Don't Panic. 

The email or app may seem to imply that you need to be on the DMU network. You do not need to be on campus.  To verify your DMU identity, simply 

1, Access the web version of UptoDate using the links provided by the libraryAs long as you can access a web browser from your phone you can do this from your mobile device.

2. Log into your personal account with UptoDate (not your DMU credentials - what username/password did you originally select?). After you log into your personal account from the website, the app should refresh itself immediately.

login to your personal account


Please note: If you already have an existing account, do not register again if you can't remember your credentials. If you have forgotten your username or password, contact UpToDate support (800) 998 - 6374 OR Registering again will give you two accounts and this will mostly likely cause a problem.


Are you having trouble logging into the app, even though you followed the directions on this guide?  Try deleting the app and the logging in again.

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