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What is "My Bibliography"?

Do you need an easy way to share your body of work with others using PubMed? Add your research to MyBibliography, then share the link from your MyNCBI account. 


What is MyBibliography?

"My Bibliography is a reference tool that helps you save your citations directly from PubMed or, if not found there, to manually enter citations using My Bibliography templates. My Bibliography provides a centralized place where citations are easily accessed, exported as a file, and made public to share with others. A feature of interest to eRA Commons users, Award view, allows [you] to see whether [your] publications comply with the NIH Public Access Policy, to start the compliance process for journal articles, and to associate their publications to awards. In addition, HRA grantees are able to associate their publications to their HRA awards in My Bibliography."  Paragraph copied from MyNCBI Help.

My Bibliography

My Bibliography: Public Access Compliance

This video helps NIH-funded scientists link funding to their citations and manage compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy.

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