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The most comprehensive set of tutorials for PubMed are straight from the source -  The National Library of Medicine. NLM has created both print documentation as well as brief online tutorials. What to search like a pro? Study these tutorials to enhance your skills.

Published on Nov 22, 2016. Presented November 9, 2016. This webinar is designed for health care professionals. You will learn how to search for the most relevant and recent literature; explore specific clinical research areas; use filters to narrow your search; connect to full-text resources; and set up e-mail alerts for new research on your topic. The webinar includes an informative question and answer period.

Using Filters to Limit or Expand Your Search

PubMed Tip of the Day - Translating Journal Abbreviations

Not sure if you are correctly typing out an abbreviated journal in PubMed? Hover your mouse over the name of the journal to view a the full title. 

View Pubmed journal abbreviations

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