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Patient Education Resources:

Patient education resources available via the Des Moines University Library, as well as resources available freely online.

Health Information and the Internet

While it is easy for patients to ask “Dr. Google” for medical information, what they find is often misleading, incorrect, or even dangerous.  Online tutorials and patient education resources can help them learn to sort the wheat from the chaff and get to accurate information quickly and easily, and give them the tools they need to make good decisions about their health and healthcare.  

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Jill Edgerton

DMU Library Resources

5MinuteConsult provides English and Spanish handouts on a variety of diseases and conditions. 

AccessMedicine offers three categories of handouts--Adult, Medicine, and Pediatric.  All handouts are customizable, and include the option to add patient notes and personalized messages.  Handouts are available in up to ten languages, including French, Chinese, Portugese, and Russian.

AccessPhysiotheraphy contains English and Spanish handouts on drug warnings, usage, side effects, storage, etc.

Clinical Key provides thousands of patient education handouts in multiple languages.  Every handout is customizable with practice contact information and the ability to add special instructions for the patient.

Natural Medicines provides evidence-based, peer-reviewed information on foods, herbs, supplements and natural therapies. Database coverage includes efficacy, adverse effects, interactions, pregnancy, lactation, pharmacology, toxicology, dosing, standardization, and products tested by third-party laboratories. Each monograph is also available as a patient handout in English, Spanish, and French. These are designed to be given to patients and are written so they can be easily understood by a general consumer.

UpToDate offers two levels of patient handouts.  Basic handouts provide short overviews that are written in plain language, and focus on the top four or five most important questions that a patient might have.  Beyond the Basics handouts are longer and more detailed reviews that are best for readers who want more detailed information and are comfortable with some medical technology.   All handouts are available in Arabic, English, and Spanish.


Patient Resources

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