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Keeping Current / Current Awareness Services: Pre-Appraised Evidence Alerts

How to keep up with new research and publications

Preappraised Evidence

Instead of setting up your own criteria for your evidence alert, you may also wish to receive alerts from services where trusted colleagues have already filtered the available evidence and will send you notices for practice changing updates. Free and library licensed services are listed below.

nejm journal watch titles

Tip: Want Full Text?

Did you set up an account in TRIP or any of the McMaster Evidence Based alerting services in the list above? As part of your profile, be sure to select Des Moines University as either your institution (TRIP) or as a PubMed Outside Tool (McMaster).  This is the same linking we use to connect you to our full text subscriptions via the purple button in Pubmed.  You'll be able to go from citation to full text within these programs if you remember this extra step in your registration.

choose pubmed outside tool

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