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Ethical Documentation - Academic Integrity in Research & Writing: Copyright & Intellectual Property


Ethical research and writing means giving proper attribution and credit to the work of others. In the academic community the ideas, words, and formal or informal publications of others is considered intellectual property.  Watch the following video tutorials to learn more about why intellectual property and copyright are so important in the scholarly community.

Introduction to Intellectual Property: Crash Course #1

So, what is intellectual property, and why are we teaching it? Well, intellectual property is about ideas and their ownership, and it's basically about the rights of creators to make money from their work. Intellectual property is so pervasive in today's world, we thought you ought to know a little bit about it. We're going to discuss the three major elements of IP: Copyright, Patents, and Trademarks.
Crash Course. (2015, April 23). Introduction to intellectual property: Crash course IP 1 [Video]. YouTube.

Copyright, Exceptions, and Fair Use: Crash Course Intellectual Property #3

Stan Muller teaches you a few things about copyright enforcement, and talks about the exceptions to copyright enforcement. While there are several, the one you've probably heard of is Fair Use, and it's a pretty tricky one. We'll try to explain it, and teach you just why fair use is so loosey goosey.
Crash Course. (2015, May 7). Copyright, exceptions, and fair use: Crash course intellectual property #3 [Video]. YouTube.

Copyright Basics: Crash Course Intellectual Property #2

Copyright law is territorial, so we're going to cover the system we know the most about, and that's the US. Stan will talk about what kind of ideas can be copyrighted, who can get a copyright, and what protections the copyright grants. We'll also talk about the always contentious and seemingly ever-growing term of copyright. Stan will also teach you about the low bar for creativity, which means that original work doesn't have to be all that original, and he'll also touch on the problems with copyright in the modern world.
Crash Course. (2015, April 30). Copyright basics: Crash course intellectual property 2 [Video]. YouTube.

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