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EBSCOhost Databases: Creating Persistent Links

Everything you need to know about finding citations and full text within Ebsco

How to Create Persistent Links From EBSCO

Knowing how to create a stable/persistent/permanent URL is critical when you are linking content in a course management system like D2L/Brightspace. Creating a persistent URL for a document in Ebsco is easy as long as you follow these three steps.


Step 1: When you find a document you need for your course, instead of downloading the pdf, click on the title of the article.


Step 2: Look for the "Permalink" on the right hand side of the screen.  Click on "Permalink."


Step 3:  Your persistant URL is ready to go! Just copy and paste this URL into your course site. This URL should have embedded within the URL string. This URL will work from both on and off campus and should take users back to the record within Ebsco where the pdf of the article can be downloaded.