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Physical Exam & Diagnosis: Algorithms, Tests & Calculators

diagnosis (Dx) (dī´ag-nō´sis) The determination of the nature of a disease, injury, or congenital defect. SYN: diacrisis. [G. diagnosis, a deciding]

Algorithms and Clinical Calculators

Clinical Pathways synthesize recommendations from potentially multiple topics into one consolidated decision tree, with visual algorithms and calculators. 

  • Guides clinicians through screening, diagnosis and treatment for common medical conditions. 
  • Interactive algorithm generates recommendations tailored to a patient’s situation.    

Click on UptoDate Pathways

Knee osteoarthritis: Management in adults

pathway example

For more information on this feature see:

Lab Interpretation information is embedded within UptoDate. You will be presented with with options as part of your search results - just look for the beakers symbol!

  • Guides clinicians with the management and evaluation of abnormal lab test results.
  • Static algorithms help manage results that cause clinical confusion.



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