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Interlibrary Loan / Document Delivery Services (ILLiad): Step 2: Make a Request

Need materials that the Library does not license or own? Are you on rotation? Try ILLiad

Option 1: How Easy is That?

Now that you have an account, the next time you are in a citation database, like PubMed or Scopus, you will be prompted to submit an order when the Library does not have a subscription to the material you need.

For example, in PubMed you will see an icon like this: , assuming you used the library's links to PubMed.  Or, in other databases you may see an icon or text that reads "Find it @ DMU"

When the Library does not have a license to the material, you will see a screen like the one below. Click on "Request this item....."

ILL request prompt


Next, you should see a form completely filled out with the citation information. Even better, you do not have to enter any personal information nor cut and paste citation information into a form. Our new Illiad system knows who you are and what you want. Just click Submit Request at the bottom of the form and you are good to go!  Isn't that amazing?

Option 2: Manually Submitting an ILLiad Request

Sometimes you encounter a reference that you can't verify in a library database or google scholar. We understand. You can submit requests in ILLiad, its just not as much fun as option 1.

Within your ILLiad account, click on New Request and let us know what you need.


Foreign Language Materials

While most citations you find in PubMed and other article databases are for English language materials, not everything you find is written in English. When the record indicates the article is written in a foreign language, the library will not be able to obtain an English language translation for you.  Please do not ask for foreign language materials unless you have the ability to translate these materials.

Important - Where Are you?

When you place an order in ILLiad, probably one of the most important fields is the Are you Located in the Des Moines Area? If you are a distance education student, or a student out on rotations and NOT in the Des Moines area we need to know!  Library staff pay attention to this field. Please select the location that best represents your situation.


Are you in the Des Moines area?  If you live in the area you will need to come to the library in person to retrieve print books, or make a copy of a print journal article. Library staff will not mail books to you or copy library materials available on the shelves.

Are you outside of the Des Moines area?  If the library has a print volume that you need, we will mail print materials to your house, if we have a current address for you. We know the addresses listed in the student directory may not be up to date if you are out on rotations. Please keep your account information in ILLiad current if you need us to mail material to your home.  Library staff will also scan to pdf any journal article that is only available in print at the library and not available electronically.