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MHA 801 Professional Development Seminar 1 (Professor Armbrust): Introduction

This library tutorial will help you to successfully complete your critical appraisal assignment.


This library tutorial will help you to successfully complete your MHA 801 critical appraisal assignment. Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate through the tutorial. Upon completion, you should be able to:

  • Develop a PICO question in support of evidence based practice in health care administration
  • Locate a peer-reviewed journal article from the primary literature 
  • Identify key information found in a journal article 
  • Determine the level of evidence the journal article represents
  • Identify resources to support citation practices in APA format

What is Evidence Based Practice?

What is the EBP Process?

EBP - or in our case, evidence-based healthcare management (EBHM) - is a process that always starts and ends with the patient or population and consists of five distinct steps:

  1. Assess the patient/population/problem
  2. Ask questions
  3. Acquire the evidence
  4. Appraise the evidence
  5. Apply the evidence

This library tutorial will focus on asking questions and acquiring and citing the evidence so that you can successfully complete your critical appraisal assignment. 

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