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JoVE: Quizzes

JoVE is a peer reviewed, PubMed-indexed video journal

JoVE Quizzes

Step 1: To access this feature, you first need to create a personal account with JoVE. Please note that you must use your DMU email address for access to be granted.

Step 2: Select "JoVE Quiz" from the "Education" menu.

JOVE Quiz in dropdown Education menu


Step 3: Create, Share, and Explore Quizzes!

Subscribed Content vs. Quizzing Content

Please note: The content available to you within JoVE Quiz will depend on your institution’s JoVE subscription. You will be able to generate quizzes from sections of JoVE not currently licensed by the library. When this occurs, you will still be able to create and take a quiz on that content area, but you will not be able to watch the the full associated video for that module of JoVE.


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