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Transparent Language Online: Learn a New Language with Transparent Language

Learn a new language today!

Transparent Language Online

Explore a new language from any Internet-connected device.
Available in 110+ languages, including ESL, learners have the
flexibility they need to learn a new language anytime, anywhere.

Sign up for a personal account and you are ready to go!

Initial account registration must be done on campus or
by library staff on your behalf

If you are off campus and would like to register, contact us.

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Getting Started

Once you've created an account, you'll be prompted to choose a language to learn. Notice that some languages have more than one dialect to choose from, while other present a Kidspeak option, which contains engaging and age-appropriate content for ages six and up.


The interface is intuitive and organized around your learning goals.

The Learning tab contains your learning path (your lessons), goals you set for yourself, learned vocabulary words you can review, and practice activities.

Learning tab in Transparent Language

The Browse tab will present you with lessons you can add to your learning path. To add a lesson, click on the three encircled dots, then "Add to Path."

Browse tab

My Transcript allows you to generate reports about your assignments, learned vocab, and lessons completed. 

Within the Resources tab, you can explore additional language and culture resources, such as blogs, proficiency tests, and more. 

Additional Help

Phone: 515-271-1537