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Clinical Pharmacology

  • Clinical Pharmacology drug monographs are part of ClinicalKey, another database licensed by the library.
  • Clinical Pharmacology Drug Monographs are also searchable within the ClinicalKey database. However, some of the more advanced reporting features of Clinical Pharmacology are only available with the native CP interface.

Content in CP

Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey provides comprehensive content, including:

  • Drug monographs – detailed drug information for U.S. prescription drugs, herbal supplements, nutritional, vitamin and over-the-counter products;
  • Pediatric/neonatal specialty monographs – content for premature neonates, neonates, infants, children and adolescents, written and continually updated by Elsevier’s pediatric/neonatal specialty pharmacists; also includes Harriet Lane Handbook** content;
  • Drug class overviews – information to assist with formulary drug reviews and therapeutic substitution decisions;
  • Patient drug and disease education – resources patients need to understand and engage in their care plans. Consumer medication information and reports are included, along with patient information on thousands of diagnoses/diseases with explanation, symptoms and treatment;
  • Toxicology resource – for assessing, diagnosing and managing poison and overdose emergencies at the point-of-care;
  • Oncology content – Clinical Pharmacology is accepted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a drug reference compendium for use in Medicare coverage decisions for patients with cancer;

Custom Reports – robust reports allow users to compare drug products or screen for therapeutic issues. Ingredients-based and route-specific screening protects against false positive and false negative alerts.

  • Drug Interaction allows you to determine possible drug interactions for multiple drugs. The results are grouped based on the severity of the interaction (for example, Severe/High Severity). At the end of the Drug Interaction report is a listing of potential therapeutic duplications.
  • Product Comparison compares products with identical ingredient(s), strength, and dosage form.
  • IV compatibility – Determines IV compatibility information between drug products.  Content includes Trissel’s™ Clinical Pharmaceutics database plus ongoing independent IV compatibility studies.
  • Adverse Reactions compares adverse reactions (ADRs) for two or more drugs. The report results may group the ADRs for the requested drugs either alphabetically (default) or by which ADRs are associated with the most drugs (for example, frequency).
  • Clinical Comparison allows you to compare Indications, Contraindications/Precautions and Adverse Reactions for a list of drugs in a report format.

Content overview provided by Elsevier: Elsevier launches clinical pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey®. Elsevier: Clinical Solutions Web site. Updated 2016.

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