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Databank of test questions so you can prepare for the Boards

BoardVitals Tutorials and FAQs

These guides and tutorials were put together by the BoardVitals team to answer questions about using the exams as well as information on troubleshooting and technical questions you might have when using BoardVitals system.

Important Note on Your Performance - Remember to Submit Wrong Answers in Review Mode

How do I reset my question bank?

To reset your question bank, log into your BoardVitals account. Once logged, click the "Exams" tab on the left side of the BoardVitals home page. 

Click the "Archive Exam" button below the exam question bank you'd like to reset. If you like to reset all exam question banks, click the "Archive All Exams" button at the top of the page. You will then be prompted to confirm.

Once confirmed, the exam question banks will be reset. 

You can still revisit your archived exams by going back to the "Exam" tab and clicking the "View Archived Exams" 

When viewing archived exams, you can choose to restore them in order to review them again.

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