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BoardVitals: Guides, Tutorials, and Tips

Databank of test questions so you can prepare for the Boards

BoardVitals Tutorials and FAQs

These guides and tutorials were put together by the BoardVitals team to answer questions about using the exams as well as information on troubleshooting and technical questions you might have when using BoardVitals system.

Choose Your Quiz Experience

Study Mode/Open Book Mode Answers/explanations available during the quiz. Final response to a question is used to determine score.

Tutor Mode Answers/explanations available during the quiz. First response to a question used to determine score.

Test Mode The answer to the question and question explanation is not visible in this mode. 

Timed Mode creates a test environment where you have a limited amount of time to complete the quiz (4 hours maximum). You can customize the amount of time per question to your specifications.