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5 Minute Consult: About

Fast, evidence-based answers to your clinical questions at the point of care.

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5 Minute Consult allows you to search diseases and conditions and provides diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care resources including physical therapy exercises and patient education handouts in English and Spanish. 

The resources also contains A to Z drug monographs, including additional patient education materials and drug interactions. While you search, instantly access drug prescribing and drug safety information for more than 1,900 drugs.

5 Minute Consult includes more than 200 videos to assist you in enhancing your procedure skills to provide better patient care.

It has over 200 diagnosis and treatment algorithms, including online-only exclusives help you to diagnose clinical signs and symptoms, and treatment of a variety of clinical symptoms.

Lab Tests has recommendations for when to order tests and how to interpret results based on evidence-based laboratory medicine.

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