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Student Publication Process

To guide students through the publication process ensuring that proper protocol is followed

Before You Write an Article/Manuscript

Checklist for Student Publication Process

  • Students must work with a faculty mentor on the development and implementation of the data collection and publication.
  • Prior to any data collection to be used for a publication, an IRB application and study protocol must be completed and approved for any study including human subjects (case report/series, survey or clinical study). Contact the DMU Office of Research for assistance.
  • Patient consent must be obtained, if applicable.
  • Mentors should contribute to the writing and/or review of the publication.
  • Students must list faculty mentor as co-author; other authors can be selected based on their role in the project and manuscript. Consult with faculty mentor and see International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and/or CITI Responsible Conduct of Research authorship guidelines.
  • Any funding source(s) should be properly acknowledged.
  • References must be included and formatted in the style of the publication dictated by the journal.

Article must be reviewed by the Office of Research

  • Electronic copy of article should be emailed to Lori Byrd at
  • Article needs to be submitted two (2) weeks before planned submission.
  • The Office of Research will not be responsible for any publishing fees.


Submitting to BMJ Case Reports

All BMJ publication submissions must:

  • Include a BMJ patient consent form, signed by the patient.
  • Be written using the appropriate BMJ template.

Steps to Submit to BMJ Case Reports

  • Once a manuscript is approved by the research office, contact the library for BMJ Case Report access code.
  • The institutional license access code allows for free submission and free standard publication, if accepted. However, fees will be charged for publishing in Open Access.
  • Payment of publishing fees is the responsibility of the author or his/her mentor’s department.  Fees will not be paid by research without advanced approval for special circumstances. 

Have a question or need more information?   Contact:

Looking for other places to publish?

Here is a list (not all-inclusive) of other places for students to publish:
•AMSRJ (The American Medical Student Research Journal)
•Harvard Medical Student Review
•International Journal of Medical Students
•Cambridge Medical Journal
•Student BMJ
•Medical Student Research Journal
Des Moines University Library