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Anatomy Resources

Looking for anatomical models? Cadaver slides? The library has physical and virtual resources to support your studies

Anatomy resources and images can also be found within a variety of databases and ebooks. In addition to AnatomyTV, please see our Find it!: Multimedia guide to learn more about imaging resources available at the library.

Through May 2020 the Library has access to Acland's. Let us know what you think!

  • Anatomically accurate 3D interactive models

  • Create customized images with your own labels and annotations, then print or save them for future use.
  • Rotate models in any direction using your mouse, zoom in/out, and choose which anatomical structures – muscles, vessel systems and organ systems – are added or removed in groups or individually, made x-ray, opaque or viewing in isolation. 

  • Flexible settings to create outline-only views - great for colouring exercises - or 3D stereograph views.

  • Link to relevant text, dissections, clinical slides, diagrams, video clips & MRI Scans

  • Quiz yourself!

  • Watch the introductory video:

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