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Journal Metrics

Quantifying a journals "importance"

Journal metrics attempt to quantify the research impact of a publication or authors work.  Referred to as the impact factor, these calculations attempt to provide context for the scientific importance, or relevance of a journal or publication.

Traditionally, two different companies have provided journal level metric data:

  1. Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics - formerly Thompson Scientific) 
  2. Scopus (Compare Sources) or CiteScore (Elsevier)

The library licenses the Scopus database from Elsevier.  However, both publishers have made their  data freely available to third parties, who in turn have their own mathematical models they use to determine a journals impact.

Social Media Impact - Alternative Metrics

What impact does your research have within the social media context? Look for the Metrics box on the right side of each document view in Scopus. 

screenshot for Scopus Metrics with embedded URL



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