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Specialized Databases

There are some specialized databases that are best searched separately, outside DMU Discovery. This could be because the specialized database contains content that cannot be indexed in DMU Discovery or the content of the database is in a format that is better to view in the database's proprietary platform.

Some specialized databases include:

  • UpToDate
  • VisualDX
  • Exam Master
  • BoardVitals

Point of care resources like UpToDate and VisualDX provide content that is not available through DMU Discovery in a format that is designed to deliver information specific to symptoms, medications, and multimedia content in an easy to read format on their respective platforms. is similar in that it allows you to explore digital anatomical models and can only be accessed using its own platform.

Exam Master and BoardVitals are review databases that allow you to create quizzes and tests to prepare for board exams. The content in these databases is only accessible through their proprietary platforms.

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