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How to add Citations and other References into Zotero

Zotero and Ebsco can work together provided you remember one basic tip: If you have the standalone version of the software, this version must be closed in order for the Zotero/Firefox add to work properly.

There are a few ways to save information to Zotero from EBSCOhost:

Option 1:

  • After performing a search in EBSCOhost and retrieving a result list of multiple items, Zotero adds a folder icon at the end of the URL in the Firefox navigation toolbar as follows:

    Zotero Multiple Items Icon

    Click the folder icon to display the Zotero Select Items list box and use the checkboxes to indicate which items to save to Zotero. 

  • After performing a search in EBSCOhost and accessing a single item in an EBSCOhost result list, Zotero adds a document icon at the end of the URL in the Firefox navigation toolbar as follows:

    Zotero Single Item Icon

    Click the document icon to save this item in Zotero.

Option 2:

To save citations in bibliographic manager format:

  1. From the open result or from the folder, click Export. The Export Manager panel appears.

    Exporting - Save

    If you are in the folder, Remove these items from folder after saving appears. Indicate whether you want to empty the folder of all items after saving your file.

  2. Save citations to a file formatted for: select one of the following: 

    • Direct Export in RIS Format (e.g. CITAVI, EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager, Zotero) - includes those fields supported by reference managers that utilize Research Information Systems (RIS) format for bibliographic management.

  1. Click Save. Zotero should automatically open. Sometimes Zotero is able to download both the citation and the pdf of the article from a bibliographic database. However, Zotero does not seem to recognize the pdf's in Ebscohost. You will need to download the article pdf separately.

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