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Medical Response to Adult Sexual Assault 2E

Estimated 510 pages, 257 images, 40 contributors Medical Response to Adult Sexual Assault, Second Edition provides evidence-based research on diagnosis, treatment, and examination in cases of sexual violence and assault. Survivors of sexual assault face any number of unique challenges both on the path to physical and psychological recovery and in navigating the investigative and judicial processes related to their traumatic experiences. Medical practitioners who work with these survivors require informed expertise in order to support their patients' safety and personal well-being. The authors and contributors, a team of expert physicians, nurses, attorneys, and other multidisciplinary practitioners, have fully revised and updated Medical Response to Adult Sexual Assault to reflect contemporary best practices in the investigation and treatment of sexual violence. Any professionals who work with victims of sexual assault will find this latest edition essential to their responsibilities and to the renewed well-being of those in their care.

Sexual Assault Risk Reduction and Resistance

Sexual Assault Risk Reduction and Resistance explores the theory, research, and practice of sexual assault risk reduction, resistance education, and self-defense programs for women and other vulnerable groups, including sexual minorities, individuals with disabilities, and those with histories of victimization. Following an ecosystemic perspective, the book examines individual risk and protective factors for sexual victimization, as well as peer-, family-, community- and societal-level factors that influence risk for sexual violence and inform the content of programs. This volume brings together leading researchers and practitioners to operationalize sexual assault risk reduction approaches and highlights the rationale and need for risk reduction in the context of other sexual assault prevention efforts. The volume provides an overview of the history of this sexual assault prevention approach and addresses current controversies and questions in the field. The authors outline risk and protective factors for victimization and discuss how these factors guide risk reduction efforts. The volume also outlines the theory and effectiveness of current sexual assault risk reduction and resistance practices and addresses special populations and future directions. Reviews theoretical approaches to sexual assault risk reduction Summarizes program outcome studies Delineates feminist self-defense approaches Details what it means for prevention to be "trauma informed" Considers how to provide risk reduction without victim-blaming Confronts current controversies in the field of sexual assault risk reduction Details how prevention can address the role of alcohol in sexual violence Discusses international prevention efforts

Entry-Level Adolescent and Adult Sexual Assault Assessment

112 pages, 44 images, 16 contributors Entry-Level Adolescent and Adult Sexual Assault Assessment allows students to have the opportunity to identify and appropriately label anatomical structures and injuries using objective terminology. This publication challenges sexual assault examiners to critically analyze medical evaluations, systematic evidence collection processes, general treatment considerations, and patient education. Upon completion of the Entry-Level assessment, you can continue to expand your knowledge and skills with the Intermediate-Level and Advanced-Level volumes. Features and Benefits: * Authored by internationally known SANE/SAFE experts * Endorsed by the International Association of Forensic Nurses * Formatted for self-study and group instruction * Written for a broad audience to capture the diversity and scope of practice of sexual assault examiners * Portable size and affordable price

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