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COVID-19 Response

In response to Covid-19, this guide will offer resources regarding the outbreak, as well as temporarily free resources available for a limited time period.




AccessMedicine has provided some helpful information about how their content is being offered digitally for distance learners.  

Reminder: You don't have to create a personal, MyAccess account as a student to read textbooks etc. on this platform.  But some materials do require this personal account so if you get a sign-in message, please create an account to use some of the resources which offer customized options for the individual user.

Create a MyAccess Acount

In order to take advantage of some of the features of the platform, like using the mobile app, taking quizzes or using the flashcards, you need to create a My Access account. This account will work across the AccessMedicine, AccessSurgery, and OMBID McGraw Hill services.

Step 1: Access the database from the library. Next, create an account by clicking on the Des Moines University banner in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Create a MyAccess Account


You may also be prompted to create an account if you see this screen pop up:

create a myaccess account


Step 2: Click on "Don't have a MyAccess account?" to create an account.

Follow these next steps if you are interested in the App.

App Tech Tip: If you have been off campus for 3 months and only use the app, you may be asked to re-authenticate your affiliation with DMU.  Access the database using the library links, then sign in to your MyAccess Account  You will then be able to access the DMU subscription for 90 days from any location, after which you must repeat this process for continued access.

Des Moines University Library