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IPE Pediatric Case Study

Resources and tips for finding information valuable in the discussion of the IPE Pediatrics Case Study February 10th and 20th and March 3 at Des Moines University.

Potential Barriers to Quality Information

While we tend to think of information being freely available to all, it's not always easy for everyone to access and/or use that information.  Issues may include:

  • Lack of access to a computer/smartphone/tablet
  • High-quality information may be behind a paywall (i.e. requires a subscription or has other financial considerations)
  • Information may not be written in a language easily understood by the reader
  • Information may not be written at a reading level accessible to the reader
  • Patient/caregiver may not know how to develop search strategies that lead to quality information
  • Patient/caregiver may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available via the Internet
  • Patient/caregiver may not know which providers on the Internet are likely to provide trustworthy information or have the tools to assess the information they find
  • Patient/caregiver may not have time available to invest in searching for quality information

Do any of these apply to this case?  Are there any other issues with information access/use that might apply?  Talk it over with your group!


Which of These Resources Could Help Your Patient and Her Family? Why or Why Not?

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