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IPE Pediatric Case Study

Resources and tips for finding information valuable in the discussion of the IPE Pediatrics Case Study February 10th and 20th and March 3 at Des Moines University.

Finding Helpful Search Terms

What are some keywords you might try in your searches in the library's DMU Discovery, individual databases, and Google Scholar?  Are the search terms below helpful, and if not, how could you adjust them?  What other search terms might be helpful?  Talk it over with your group.

Hospital discharge planning

Legg Calve Perthes Disease

Social determinants of health

Special needs parenting 

Home health care pediatric



Searching Tips and Tricks

Use these tips to make your searches more effective and efficient!

1.  Keep your search terms short and sweet, and don't enter entire sentences

Yes:  special needs parenting support

No:  How can caregivers find special needs parenting support in their particular geographic area?

2.   Add (in all caps!) connector words AND (second stated term must be present), OR (one stated term or the other must be present) and NOT (stated term must not be present).  (Remember that if you use or, place parenthesis around the terms!)

Yes:  special needs AND parenting AND support

         (special needs OR disability) AND single parenting AND support

         (special needs OR disability) AND single parenting AND support NOT autism

3.  End words with * to include variants on those terms

Yes:  (special need* OR disabilit*) AND single parent* AND support* NOT autis*



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