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Archives and Special Collections

A quick guide to understanding and using DMU's archives and special collections.

Searching Our Collection

There are a couple of different ways that you can find our historical books.

Browse our historical books, OR search for a specific title or topic in our catalog!

First, click on "Advanced Search" on the library catalog page.

Main page of DMU library catalog with "Advanced Search" circled.

Then select "Historical Collection" from the "Location" dropdown menu.

DMU Library Catalog Advanced Search page with "location- Historical Collection" highlighted.

Next, add your search terms and click submit.

DMU Library Catalog Advanced Search page with "enter search terms" highlighted.

If you are unsure whether a book is historical, all books in our special collections will have the "Historical Collection" location designation.


DMU library catalog entry for "Studies in Hysteria" with the "Historical Collection" location circled.

Des Moines University Library